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What is a Biker

A biker is a man, and more recently includes women, who rides an American made motorcycle. His cruiser will most likely be some kind of HARLEY-DAVIDSON, but not limited to an American made motorcycle. Although owning a motorcycle is a must in order to fit into the biker category. A biker doesn’t just take his bike out on the weekends, but he rides on all night and day whenever his free time permits. He often pulls off to the side of the road to nap for a few hours from riding so much, in order to sober up just a little bit. A biker will then wake up and maybe smoke a hand-rolled medicinal cigarette and drink out of his flask of 151 and continue on until work needs to be done, or his old lady needs to be done. One or the other will get the true biker back to home base. The biker spends every Sunday, not at church, but on his sidewalk in front of his home washing and waxing his bike and saying sweet things to her while drinking a 40 oz of some kind of beer and upon the end, takes off and rides into the sunset not to be seen until morning. His hair can be long and the biker doesn’t care about showers, cologne, nice clothes, or any other sissy boy shit that most proper office working pusses care about and simply, he just wants to be one with his bike and second his girl. A biker will be quick to fight you no matter if he gets his ass beat or not, and is not afraid of spending a few nights in jail. The true biker loves his momma, hates his daddy, is not positive if god exists, and believes in no life after death. A Biker is very patriotic, will defend his and other's rights to the death, and is usually a veteran. If he sees someone down on their luck, especially a family or a child, he will reach out his hand in friendship and help. He can be fierce and full of rage for the moment, but he'll help out a bro at any time of day or night. Many women are now bikers with their own set of rules and standards, a welcomed ingredient into the biker world.

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You Wonder How Many Are Still Around

You Wonder How Many Are Still Around

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You Wonder How Many Are Still Around